shiatsu wa
January 1, 2016
Daruma (Japanese Wishing Doll)
April 18, 2017

Heiwa (Peace/Harmony)

shiatsu wa


The origami crane is the international symbol of peace and the Japanese character for peace or harmony is pronounced heiwa (hey-wah).

As 2015 comes to a close I am reminded of a very heartfelt belief I carry:  That in life, there are no such things as accidents; everything happens as it should.

If it weren’t for WWII and my grandfather being interned, he would’ve never learned shiatsu.  If the family farm in California had not been sold out from under him, he would’ve never had to return to Japan where he developed a passion for shiatsu and created his trademark technique.  It was because of these so-called “accidents” in life that he found peace and harmony within himself and his circumstances to build not just a shiatsu practice, but a legacy that is now 3 generations strong.

In order to create peace and harmony in the world, we first have to decide to find peace and harmony in ourselves and in our life.  In 2016, I wish each of you the discovery and delight in choosing to find your harmony and peace!