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Give the Gift of Health: Shiatsu Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Health: Shiatsu Gift Cards!

Our collective health (mind, body, and spirit) has been a global focus point during the last few years. As we emerge into a new normal, making conscious choices to take the best care of ourselves is more important than ever. 

So, as you consciously care for yourself, why not consider giving the gift of health to those you care about the most so they can feel as good as you do.  It’s a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because you care about someone. 

To aid in this, you can now purchase gift cards to give the gift of Shiatsu to those you care about. Here are 2 Options to buy a Gift Card:

Option 1: Online Purchase

You can now purchase gift cards online as a treat for yourself or others directly through my Booksy scheduling tool. Here’s how:

1. Click on the following link and click on the “Show Gift Cards” button: https://stanshimizu.booksy.com/.

2.  Select from one of 4 gift card options:

·       INITIAL Shiatsu Treatment Gift Card ($150): Treat someone to a new and unique healing experience if they’ve never experienced Shiatsu before. These are for first-timers (New Patients Only) and you can share memories from your first treatment 😊!  Also, check out the NEWCOMERS SPECIAL Shiatsu Treatment Package Gift Card below for a gift that keeps on giving.  

·       REGULAR Shiatsu Treatment Gift Card ($95): A perfect gift for current patients who have been in for treatment before.

·       EXTENDED Shiatsu Treatment Gift Card ($175): A wonderful treat of an hour-long Shiatsu treatment for current patients who just need that little extra. A perfect gift if you know they have not been in for treatment in a while.

·       NEWCOMERS SPECIAL Shiatsu Treatment Package Gift Card ($200): This wonderful treat includes an INITIAL Shiatsu Treatment Session + 1 REGULAR Shiatsu Treatment Session.  These are for first-timers (New Patients Only) and make a perfect gift for any time of the year.


3.  Payment will be finalized as follows:

·       Please contact my office at 206.399.7804 to assist in finalizing payment for your gift card over the phone.

·       After completing your payment, your lucky gift recipient will receive a text message saying you sent them a gift card!

·       Upon creating their Booksy profile, your Gift Card will appear in their Account Profile under Gift Cards. They can then book their appointment at their convenience!


Option 2: Call/Email Me

There is nothing wrong with doing it the old-school way! Here are the steps:

1.    Contact my office at 206.399.7804 or email me (stan@senninso.com) and I will connect with you to complete your order over the phone. Choose from the same gift card options as noted in Option 1. 

2.    A special handmade card will accompany your gift card and can either be mailed directly to your recipient or to you so you can give it to them personally.

3.    Simple as that and you’re all done!


Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.  So, refill your mind, body, and spirit with the gift of a Sennin-so Shiatsu treatment.  Choco and I will look forward to seeing you and your gift recipients!